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The introduction and elaboration of QSCHW, Lord of the Tea.


Senior Mod and Timo Werner Fan
Hello, I am QSCHW. Known as Q, Tea Lord, King of Tea, Lord of the Tea and much more tea related names.

I am 21 years old, born and raised in the United Kingdom. I live and care for a prehistoric grandmother who I'm 90% sure was present for the big bang. Now I'm gonna be in depth and very boring here and its gonna be a great read so hold on tight, this is gonna be a hell of a ride.

Now to start off, my interests. Anything that keeps me busy to be honest. I'm very into cars, tattoos, motorbikes, sports such as badminton, football (ITS COMING HOME), squash and tennis. Of course also gaming. I have dabbled in all sorts of tasks and hobbies over time, from carpentry, metal works, vehicle mechanics, to other random bits and pieces that follow more admin-like routes for different people. Hence, why I'm here. Im a huge fan of Zelda, Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, DC and other franchises.

I love to keep my plate loaded, keeping myself busy is a necessity for me and being here helps with that immensely. I started a long time ago playing PokeDash as a player, I applied for staff but it was denied. I continued to play, and as time grew life took up a lot of time and I took a break. I returned at a later date and landed over on PokeBrawl, back in late 2019/early 2020. COVID of course freed a lot of time for most peoples schedules, mine especially. And I deposited a lot of time into PokeBrawl. I played all the way until the April 3rd reset, staying on all the way through the reset and started all over again as soon as the server booted. It was chaos.

I later applied for staff in the mid parts of April, which was initially rejected (Again). However with good vibes and tea coursing through my veins I soldiered on and applied later again on the 19th April, to which I got accepted as Helper. To which no more than a month later I was promoted to Mod (The purple was very drippy). And again was promoted to SMod no more than a month later again! (Not so drippy). Over my time I really picked up building again from my youth, and began to build all kids of warps, structures and features that would help Brawl progress with drip. Around 3 months later I was promoted to Admin where the yellow was NOT drippy at all. As time grew my passion did too. I wanted to help Brawl and even the network grow, succeed, and become the best it could be, and having a role in that was satisfying. The reset of November 28th hit and I had somehow racked up 93 days playtime in one map. How I do not know but as you can tell, I kept busy! Around another 5 months later, in January this year I was then promoted to SeniorAdmin. Approaching the 1 year mark i found myself with a constant feed of new challenges, tasks and a consistently full plate to keep my occupied and busy. Meeting even more people and giving me more to do. For some reason these lot thought I should be kept around. LMAO absolute plonkers.

I have been here well over a year and to this day I have not grown bored of being a part of the community, network or staff team. Many ask why, and how I stuck out staffing or being here for so long, and realistically there's little to say other than being around on the network is enjoyable. Its a game that offers self satisfaction doing all kinds of tasks and some really amazing people to meet and share experiences with. I hope my role and the chances I'm given can help all of you enjoy yourselves in the future to come. I'm now at a total of 150 days+ playtime and still alive. I guess you could say I'm a workaholic. :ROFLMAO:

NOW! For the important part,

QSCHW's Guide to the Perfect Tea!
Step 1: Boil the kettle.
Step 2: Place a tea bag in the cup/mug.
Step 3: Stir and leave to brew for a minute or two.
Step 4: Strain and remove the tea bag.
Step 5: Add a dash of milk.
Step 6: Add desired amount of sugar (Optional).
Step 7: Leave the tea spoon in the cup/mug to feel accomplished,

Hold this information close to your heart, my children.

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