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Welcome to the PokeSaga Community

Welcome to the PokeSaga Community

A warm welcome to the official PokeSaga website. Here you can find our Forums, Store, and links to Applications. Our number one priority is to create an enjoyable experience for our players, so please do not hesitate to seek help and support on our Discord.

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Server Updates

Cosmetics Revamp
We've revamped our entire /cosmetics system, implementing an assortment of over 180 NEW WEARABLE COSMETICS, including Animated Wings, Animated Hats, and Balloons that follow you around, Texture Vouchers which can be applied to existing tools/armor, and much more! Please note that in order to make this possible it is now required to accept the server resource prompt that is displayed upon login, or you will be kicked. This server pack has been optimized as much as possible and shouldn't have much impact on your performance.
(note that this pack does NOT include our custom Exotic textures! In order to see those you must download the Pixelmon+ Modpack or download the latest version with the /resourcepack command!)

If you would like to try this feature out, you will receive a free Random Hat Cosmetic by linking your Discord account with the /link command. Additionally all wearable Cosmetics may be previewed by entering the room at /warp cosmetics.

Cosmetic Crate
All wearable Cosmetics may be unlocked by opening the brand new Cosmetic Crate (replacing Emoji & Aura Crates) which may be purchased via the store or earned by completing various tasks in-game, such as:
Levelling up PokéMMO skills (every 30 levels)
Completing PokéHunts (Hard or Insane)
Completing a full /bingo board (10% chance)
Placing in top positions in a World Boss battle (depends on the boss tier)
Winning an event
Participating in an event (10% chance)
Ranking up in /ranks (Adventurer+)
Claiming a Drop Crate
Claiming /kit keys
More coming soon!​

Since there are so many options in this crate, you are given the ability to re-roll your reward up to two times. (Note that you will never receive unlockable cosmetics that you've already unlocked. All wearable cosmetics may be exchanged into a physical voucher which may be traded to other players. All Cosmetics will remain through resets.)

Texture Vouchers
Texture Vouchers are obtained as a rare drop from the Cosmetic Crate. Each voucher will only work for 1 type of equipment, and can be applied by right clicking the voucher and selecting an existing piece of equipment (a God Tool for example) in your inventory of the correct type. View all of the possible texture types in the /cosmetics texturevouchers menu. (note: you must be using Optifine to see custom armor)

Spring Cosmetics
To compliment the release of this Cosmetics Revamp, we've also implemented a series of Spring themed cosmetics. These may be unlocked in the new Spring Crate! These unique textures are only available for a limited time, so hop to it!

Easter Textures (obtained from Texture Vouchers)

We're excited to announce the return of 9 of our highly requested events! The following Hourly Events have been re-coded from the ground up and are now live:
Aircore (20 new maps!)​

Worldbosses are back!
Our Worldboss feature is back and better than ever, enjoy tough battles in an all new BATTLING AREA, with IMPROVED BOSS MECHANICS, and even BETTER REWARDS!

Miscellaneous Changes
PlayerVaults are now accessible to all donors and those with the Determined or greater /rank​
The Aura Crate has been replaced entirely with PokéParticle Vouchers which may be obtained in the Cosmetic Crate. Upon right clicking a voucher, you will be given the option to receive a random Pokémon with PokéParticles (5% Legendary chance) or to attach the PokéParticle to a Pokémon in your party​
Added custom textures for all crate keys and numerous items in the crate preview menus​
Opening Pokémon Crates now broadcasts the chosen Pokémon in chat​
Exotic Crates now have a chance to give textures of a non-default form, if a texture for one exists​
Player Particles are now automatically re-applied after relogging​
Player Particles are now automatically disabled upon warping to an event, and automatically re-applied upon exiting the event​
Implemented 12 new Pokémon Emojis: (aipomCringe, azurillCry, bibarelcCool, carracostaWat, cyclizarClap, drifloonMad, gibleHappy, quagsireWave, sableHide, spiritombUWU, staraptorGlare, wooperHuh)
Implemented 58 new free Emojis!
Improved loading times on both the required and optional resource packs by 50%+​

Pixelmon+ Modpack Changes
Significantly improved auto-completion results when typing Emojis in chat​
Implemented a mod which further improves performance and reduces memory usage​
Implemented a mod which prevents the game from closing upon a crash, and gives a link to the crash report that should be submitted in a ticket​
Emojis will now auto-complete in guild chat​
(Only Dash, Verse, Legends, Club, Brawl, Silver, and Gold are resetting)

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again! We’ve had an amazing run on this map, the server has evolved and improved so much thanks to all of your suggestions and feedback. Heading into the next map we've made some major changes to many aspects of the server and economy which we believe will make for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. Please read through the entire post because a lot has changed.

Everything except the following will be reset:
  • Ranks - type /bonus to claim the items (available in 2 weeks)
  • Purchased kits - will become available in 1 week (although you may claim them once initially)
  • Titles, Emotes, Cosmetics, Nicknames, and /playtime
  • Items/Pokemon purchased from the donor store between May 26th to June 26th - will be re-executed in 1 week

This will be taking place on Saturday June 26th at 12 PM PST (

Temporary Changes (on resetting servers only!)
  • Approximately 1 hour before the reset is released, we will enable /kit tnt and unprotect spawn
  • Staff will not be enforcing any economy rules for the rest of the map
  • Donor store has been disabled
  • Disabled /cosmetics
  • Enabled /coinflip

Server Updates
(available after the reset)

Progression Based Gyms (Alpha & Omega League)
In an effort to increase the competitiveness of our gyms, we’ve decided to rethink our approach to Player Gyms. Challengers are now required to defeat each gym in chronological order, starting from the very first gym in the /gyms menu. In addition, the 18 gyms are now split into two different “leagues,” the first nine being called the Alpha League, and the remaining 9 the Omega League. Each league has a different set of rules, which are outlined in your server’s Gym Rules page - please check them over if you plan to challenge or lead any Player Gyms. (note that this feature will only be enabled on the servers that are resetting)

Guild Quests
Undertake challenges alongside your Guild mates to earn epic rewards every day! Users who contribute at least a certain percentage (depends on guild size, and is indicated in the /gq menu) towards three quests will receive a randomized reward (also depends on guild size) at midnight PST or the next time you log in. Guild Quests reset at midnight PST just like our other quest systems.

Exotic Eggs (Custom Textures)
Included in the most recent Pixelmon+ Modpack update is our Custom Texture resource pack, containing over 300 beautiful new Pokemon textures! Occasionally these Pokemon will spawn in the wild (you will be notified in chat) so make sure to keep an eye out for those. Additionally the Exotic Egg will be available in the donor store, which yields a random Pokemon or Legendary Pokemon (5% chance) with a texture of your choosing.

Unlockable Ranks
Our more dedicated playerbase who vote & complete Daily Quests every day will now be able to reap in extra perks/commands from the 9 new ranks added to the /ranks menu. These ranks are displayed in the message shown when hovering over someone’s username in chat.

Throughout the wild you may encounter Pokemon “rustling” in the grass, to begin the battle simply walk into the particles that appear nearby. These Pokemon have a slightly increased chance to be Shiny or contain a Hidden Ability, and the chances increase after catching many of the same species.

General Changes
  • Added a new donor rank: PixelGod
  • Added a new category to /tmshop which includes all Generation TMs
  • Rebalanced the stats of various Battle Frontier NPCs
  • Added a new “Unscramble” chat minigame
  • Added a Random Pokemon to /kit champion
  • Added /kit freepokemon (one time use) which yields a random Pokemon
  • Pushed the Shiny Legend & Ditto rewards back 10% in /dex
  • Swapped /warp ev and /warp dev
  • Improved the formatting on God Tools and Incense
  • Adjusted the God Tool material types for each tier
  • Removed both Master Balls from /kit champion and one from /kit omega
  • God tools will now increment to Tier 2 after 2 months instead of 1 month
  • Disabled Global Quests while we revamp the backend
  • Ended the /warp summer event
  • The following features will be disabled for the start of the map: World Bosses (3 days), /speed greater than 2 (7 days), and /stats rewards (1 month)

Crate Changes
  • Omega: Reduced the odds of the common rewards and added a few new rewards
  • Great/Ultra/Master: Reduced the odds of God Tools, and added Orbs
  • Ultra/Master: Added a Random Legendary Held item
  • Ultra: Slightly reduced the odds of HA Shards
  • Great: Added L/XL Rare Candy
  • Voting: Removed a few of the least desired items & added better ones

Shop Changes
  • (Reduced) Sell price of diamonds, emeralds, and gold
  • (Increased) Sell price of lapis and iron ore
  • (Slightly Reduced) Sell price of most crops and saplings
  • (Slightly Increased) Sell price of pumpkins, melon blocks, and apples
  • (Increased) Sell price of ghast tears
  • (Reduced) Buy price of wool and dyes
  • (Moderately Increased) Buy price of all Poke Balls
  • Adjusted the sell price of all log types based on rarity

Donor Shop Changes
  • (Reduced) Buy price of Evolution Stones
  • (Moderately Increased) Buy price of all Poke Balls
  • (Increased) Buy price of cake
  • (Significantly Reduced) Buy price of ranches
  • (Increased) Sell price of Pixelmon gems
  • Added Gen8 fossils
  • Added the all remaining evolution items, and adjusted the prices on the existing ones

Thank you everyone, I hope you will enjoy these changes!
- PokeSaga Staff
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