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PokeDash Weekly Events - Saturday, May 22nd


Maple Leaf
Hi there!
Today we will be having 2 Events!

First, we will be having a Random 4 legged pokemon Battle Event at 2 pm EST hosted by the Battle Event Team. To participate in this event, all you have to do is come online before the event starts, then /warp battle to receive a team! Once you have a team the event will begin and the battle event team will host accordingly! Rewards for this event will include money, tokens, pokemon and more!

Second, we will be having a Pictionary Event at 5 pm EST hosted by Birch! To participate in this event and receive a participation reward, come online 30 minutes before and head on over to /warp pictionary; once you get there, stand in front of Birch so he can sign you up! Once you sign up, you're all set to start winning rewards! Rewards will include money, tokens, pokemon, and more!

See you there!
- Pokedash Event Team
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