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PokéBrawl Gym Rules

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General Gym Rules(all apply to both leaders and challengers):
• Always follow /rules.
• No bag items(aka Potions/Revives/Full Heals).
• Challengers MUST wait an hour before challenging another gym leader (regardless of if they win or lose).
• Items focus sash and heavy-duty boots are limited to one of each per team.
• Temp Ban on Court Change.
• The following clauses must be followed: OHKO, Endless, Sleep, Species, Moody, Baton Pass, Evasion and Dynamax
• Banlist: NationalDex- + Melmetal+Urshifu-Dark. Shadow Tag has now been banned.
• Unbans: Dragapult, Tornadus-Therian, Alakazite, Spectrier.
• No using Pokémon/moves that are not intended to be in the game (i.e. from a glitch)
• Gym Leaders may only use Pokémon whose original form aligns with their gym type(s)
• Challengers must ALWAYS start the battle with the Pokémon thrown out first
• All Gyms are Level 100. Any Pokemon below this level threshold will be automatically levelled up for the battle by the Battle Rules.
• If your opponent disconnects unexpectedly during battle, wait a few minutes and do not heal or alter your Pokémon. If they re-join, resume the battle(edited)
• Challengers MAY NOT "borrow" another person's team for the sole purpose of defeating a gym. You must train your own Pokémon with your own movesets and strategies. If you’ve purchased a Pokémon in a trade you may still challenge a gym as long as it follows the previous rules. Gym Leaders may still disqualify you if they feel you’re using a Pokémon/team that’s not yours. For example if you’re using the same team & strategy that a Gym Leader lost to the previous day, they may see fit to disqualify you
• No viewing the opponent's team by pressing U
• No intentionally battling leaders for the achievement of ruining their win/loss ratio
• PB Gym Viability Sheet - (Will be updated eventually)
• OneBuggy Section: Golisipod's Ability Emergency Exit still quite bugged.

Teambuilding Rules:
• All Gym Leaders Mega's should still match their gym types pre and post mega.(Example: You can use Mega Altaria on Dragon, but not on Fairy as base Altaria isn't Fairy Type.
• 1 Legend and 1 UB Limit.(Temporary) 5v5/6v6

E4 Rules:
• 1 Uber is allowed per team(Ace cannot be an Uber)+ Item Clause. The following cannot be used as Uber selection: Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Zacian, Mega Rayquaza, Necrozma-Dusk-Mane, Xerneas, Mega Mewtwo-Y, Calyrex Shadow, Zamazenta-C and Mega Gengar. Challengers also cannot use these! Melmetal has been unbanned! Feel free to use it.
• Allowed 2 Legends and 2 Ultra Beasts per team.
• All battles are 6v6 and have Team Preview ON(You may not change your team after viewing your opponents.)
• You may challenge them in whatever order you would like, but must beat all 4 E4 Types in a row before challenging the Champion.
• Each Leader gets 1 Ace Pokemon. The 'Ace' Pokemon on an E4 Team is the only Pokemon that isn't that E4's Type

Champion Battle!
• They have to follow the E4 banlist.
• They still have a limit of 1 Uber.
• The Champion has no Legend/UB limit.

Gym Leader Guidelines:
• Always be nice and welcoming to Challengers of your gym.
• It’s highly recommended that your team is fully IV and EV trained.
• You’re only allowed to reject a Challenger with good reason, ask a staff member if you're unsure. If you apply for a Gym Leader position, you’re responsible for accepting battles. You may not frequently AFK as it detracts from everyone's experience.
• Upon one week of inactivity your Gym Leader status will be questioned. If staff are notified beforehand an extra two weeks of grace period may be granted. Further issues can be discussed in PMs with a Gym Staff.
• If you want to discuss a Gym Leader's application, please be constructive and only comment on their Pokemon team. Let character and behaviour be determined by staff.
• 3 gym leader positions per player + E4 + Champion.

Gym Leader Commands:
• /leader accept - accepts the most recent battle request.
• /leader deny - denies the most recent battle request.
• /leader give - gives your most recent opponent their badge.
• /leader won - marks the most recent battle as a win (to track your win/loss stats)
• /leader stats - view your win/loss ratio for each gym you're a leader of.
• /leader undo - undoes the last /leader won/give you did.
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PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin

- Unbanned Golisipod. Its ability 'works', just kinda bugged on when it activates.


PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin

- Cleaned up the rules by changing it to General Rules and adding a section for Alpha League.


PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin

- Unbanned Scale Shot(Fixed) and Aegislash(No reason to keep it banned. Will just ban if its too OP)

- Court Change, Thunder Cage, Defog vs Sub, Terrain Extender and Storm Drain/Lightning Rod all fixed thanks to the new Update!

Added a Section for Moves/Abilities that are still bugged/not working as intended, but aren't THAT game breaking to ban.


PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin

- Banned Bolt Beak and Fishious Rend(Both bugged)
- Temp banned Court Change as we will discuss if its bug is bad enough for a Bug Ban


PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin

- Almost all of the glitched moves are fixed. Have removed them o/
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2021-11-01(Happy November!)

- Updated the E4 section *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
- Couldn't recall if Smogon banned it or not, but Shadow Tag is banned for Gyms and E4/Champion.


PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin

- Mega Mewtwo-Y, Zamazenta-C and Calyrex Shadow are now banned from E4
- Melmetal unbanned from E4.


PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin

- Champion now has no Legend/UB Limit(Unanimous Agreement by Gym Staff)


PokeBrawl Gym Manager and Admin
2022-03-03(1st 2022 update pog)

- Urshifu-Water has been unbanned
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