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my name is Kayla but i wish to change it to Astrid
Im currently 16 years old and dont do much outside of pixelmon
i currently play on pokesplash! as a donator rank(if that matters to anyone)

Likes: I like talking to friends, gaming with people and finally watching anime!
Dislikes: Horror movies , Bugs, Certain type of birds, Dogs

sport Intrests: Well for one i like basketball though im not very athletic so when it comes to school basketball i normally sit at the back of the court till i get the ball then i will actually do something with it, I also really enjoy vollyball since i have quite a decent hit when it comes to serving the ball and getting it over the net.!
Thats all for this section

extra info: Most of my dislikes like dogs and horror movies are due to trauma which with dogs I'm currently working on and getting better at overcoming it. im also transgender (male to female) :p (if anyone actually cares about that) because i get asked sometimes what gender i am I'm also from the uk so if u see me on splash just message me! I also somtimes come onto galaxy since one of the old helpers (achessplayer) gave me some stuff on it so if u see me on there just say Hai

thats all if i u wanna ask anything just reply!
(i may take a few days to get back to u but XD)
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