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    Guardian spawner

    Of course! Let us know if you have any other questions!
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    Guardian spawner

    Hey Jon3s3n! Certain mob spawners are locked to certain ranks. If go to our perks page, you can see what spawners are available to what ranks. With that said, guardian spawners can't be created with any donor rank on our network. :( Best of luck with your build, though!
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    Hi charmander4ever! You can read instructions on how to install our modpack here. If you get stuck/confused at any point, please feel free to join our Discord server and ask for help! Once you've installed our modpack, you can join us at ! Let me know if you have any other...
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    GingerSteam - Pokeverse

    Awesome, glad to hear that! Happy to have you all here :)
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    GingerSteam - Pokeverse

    Welcome to the network! How are you liking Minecraft so far? :)
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    how do I join?

    Unfortunately there is no way to play on iPad at this time. As OnlyHux mentioned above, you must be on a PC to install & play Pixelmon.
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