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PokeBlaze Weekly Event - Saturday, May 22nd


Maple Leaf
Hi There!

Today Pokeblaze will be having a BINGO event later today at 4 pm EST! Come on down to /warp bingo to play!

BINGO is a fun event where you are shown to a hut where you will find multiple stacks of wool for you to place in the item frames that would be behind you in orientation if you are currently facing the chest. We will be calling out BINGO numbers (ex: B1, N30..); If you see a number called that you also have on your board, you will place 1 wool in that item frame until you form a line. These lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal unless the host specifies that it is different. When you have a line, you will write in local chat (/l) that you have a bingo, after you announce it a staff member will come to check to see if it is accurate.

You can win from a pool of great rewards, your reward is determined based on a wheel that is spun if you do in fact complete a line of BINGO.

- Please note that not everyone who completes a line will receive a prize, only those that announce it first in conjunction with how many winners are allowed per round.
- Please note that you may only win once per round. (A round is considered completed once the boards are wiped and refreshed.)

Come sign up 30 minutes - 5minutes before the event starts to receive participation rewards!

See you there!
-PokeBlaze Event Team
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