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Hissuian Goodra


New member
From my understanding you need a storm to get it. Either get a regular goomy and each time I evolves have a storm. Or have a storm and get very lucky and have one of the hissuian versions spawn. But weather is turned off on the server from my understanding. Is there some other way I'm missing?


PokeBlaze SeniorMod & Gym Manager
Staff member
When your goomy reaches the level requirements to evolve into sliggoo, just cancel the evolution (otherwise it will evolve into a normal sliggoo). Then let an smod+ on your home realm know that you'd like to evolve it into sliggoo-hisui. They can then help you out.


New member
Ok thanks I thought it would be something like that I just wasn't sure and didn't want to bother staff if I was just missing something.
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