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mods are not always that nice , and not always helpfull what they should
it is illegal to ask people to vote but server his self is keep sending push messages to vote. and thats kinda strange
fishing is really glitchie
just some suggestions to make the server better
but it still fun to play!
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PokeBlaze SeniorMod
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Hey there,
the server broadcasts those messages in chat for newer players that may not know that the voting feature exists. Fishing isn't "glitchy" in my opinion but if you have ran into any issues that would be something that you'd have to contact the Pixelmon Mod support for as we have no control over the mechanic. If you do have any problems with any staff please do make a ticket on our discord or message your realms relevant admin to look into further.

I hope you continue to enjoy playing on our network!
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