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dealing with harassment from another player.


Hello Pokesaga Staff and General Community, i have been dealing with harrassment in the Pokesaga discord server by the user Jerden, he has threatened to break my bones, calling me a noob and harrassment in dms. I do not wish to tolerate this kind of verbal abuse, as it is very unwelcoming for a pokesaga veteran like myself, and i wish for action to be taken place immediately. Thank You for reading my troubles, i will be on my way.


Staff member
Unfortunately, if this did not occur on our discord server, we cannot deal with this issue or punish the person doing this.

My advice would be the best cause of action which would be to just block the person sending you these DMs and try not to engage in conversation with them. If this does move over to our discord server or our actual Minecraft server, then please inform any Staff Member available, either in-game, or through Discord
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