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    Volt hunt. What am i looking for?

    Hey! For the Volt Hunt, assuming you're on PokeFlash, you read the clues on the Volt Hunt item and go to the warp that the clue indicates. Once you are at that warp, you look for the Raichu statue with a button near it, in the warp--the statue looks like same to the one at the start of the Volt...
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    Warp for clue 6?

    Hello, the clues vary based on the server you play on. You are best off asking for further assistance in the discord or in global chat. Good luck!
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    Pokeparty did not workon flash

    Hi! You can join the discord and make a ticket there and we can get it sorted for you! If you select discord at the top you will be able to access the server Thanks! - Luneste
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