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    Is it possible to smelt a meltan on any of the servers?

    Yes, it just has a low chance to spawn. It was fixed a while ago and posted in #changelog in the discord
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    PokéGalaxy Gym Rules

    (12/9/2021) - New Unbans - Remove Fisheous Rend, Beak Bolt, Geomancy, and Scale Shot from the Banned Moves list
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    PokéGalaxy Gym Rules

    (12/9/2021) - New Ban -Added Dracovish to the banned Pokémon list
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    PokeBlaze 6v6 NFE Tournament

    Hey everyone, This Friday the 16th of July Pokeblaze will be hosted a 6v6 NFE Tournament at 2pm EST. It will be located at /warp battle The Basics! In this tournament we'll be following the Not Fully Evolved Rule format found here: . The Tournament...
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    PokeBlaze Hide and Seek Event

    HelloEveryone This Friday, July 9th PokeBlaze will be hosting 1 Hour of Hide and Seek . It will be at /warp hidenseen 🐵 The Basics 🐵 Find the best hiding place and be the last hider to be found. The most amount of times 🥇 1st - ‘WhereAmI’ Title, Rainbow Kecleon(100% ivs), 100k and 250 tokens...
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    Glad to have you on the network :D, hope you enjoy it.
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