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(Only Dash, Verse, Legends, Club, Brawl, Silver, and Gold are resetting) Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again! We’ve had an amazing run on this map, the server has evolved and improved so much thanks to all of your suggestions and feedback. Heading into the next map we've made some major changes to many aspects of the server and economy which we believe will make for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. Please read through the entire post because a lot has changed. Everything except the following will be reset: Ranks - type /bonus to claim the items (available in 2 weeks) Purchased kits - will become available in 1 week (although you may claim them once initially) Titles, Emotes, Cosmetics, Nicknames, and /playtime Items/Pokemon purchased from the donor store between May 26th to June 26th - will be re-executed in 1 week This will be taking place on Saturday June 26th at 12 PM PST ( Temporary Changes (on resetting...
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