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Rules question


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I noticed that "constantly feeding hoppers items" is in the rules as a "don't do" does this mean that automating my mechanical anvil is against the rules. Here's how I'd automate it:

One hopper coming out the bottom to grab finished ball parts, one going in the back to put in fuel, and one going in the side (as the mech anvil can accept side inputs for the main slot) which is where I'd put the disks as I made them. Each of these will be connected to a chest which will hold the items (either for input or from the output) it'd be three hoppers.


PokeDream Senior Mod & Event Manager
Any system that can run automatically without you needing to run it, is against the rules sadly

It would be better if you could send a DM via Discord so we can see this contraption
Discord: Core#0436
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