Pokezone PS Helper Application

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New member
May 3, 2021
I have read and understood the terms: yes
Minecraft IGN: xd_Secondtye
Realm: I play on Poke Silver
Location and Timezone: Romania (GMT+2)
Age: 15
Interests: Basketball, Math
In-game playtime: 8d 22h 32 min (1.26% afk)
Do you have a mic?: yes

Are you an active user on discord?: yes
: vldzz and T-Bone211
Have you been jailed or banned? If yes, why?
I have once been jailed for dextrading a legendary
How you could benefit the community:
I think i would benefit the community since i have my own funny way that people like to talk to me. I learn things really quick and i like helping others learning new things or helping them understand things, so i think i could benefit the community with helping other people with this game and giving advice! New people are always welcome to my heart and I try helping them as much as my knowledge can help them. I always wanted to be a true helper and do my duty as one. I get along with everyone on the server and I help as much as I can.
Why we should accept you:
I think you should accept me since I have been a great help so far and I got along with people and talked to them and helped them. I get along with people of the server and have never insulted someone or cheated in this server. My help was always there, when I am online online course. So far, I have been active in this server and having fun with others, whilst still being serious when needed and helped everyone here. I can’t talk in the name of everyone here, but I can say that there were a few people that liked my way of being and liked my help!
Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server:

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server:
This server’s community is a really good one. There are a lot of people in this community and even if it is hard to maintain it is really nice and people understand the rules of the server, although they sometimes make mistakes they fix them. People here are really nice and they are also good at business. Since there is /warp nexus or /gts or the trading machine there is a lot of selling, buying, trading and people are really good at it. We also have fun battling and doing a lot of activities. A nice feature of this server is that staff members can host events. There are a lot of commands that are useful such as /brtp and /rtp. A thing interesting about this server would also be the /warp command. In this server there are many interesting warps. Each one has a use, for instance:

-/warp spawner is a place where you can find the peaceful vanilla mobs which can’t be found in the wild.
-/warp hostile is just like /warp spawner, but here there are hostile vanilla mobs of course.
-/warp shrines is a place used to get the well known legendary birds: zapdos, moltres and articuno!
-/warp ev is a place where you can increase the level and EVs of your selected pokemon. There are also 3 difficulties of NPCs for each EV.
-/warp tutors is a place where you can find tutors which, with the use of tutor tokens(7500$), you can learn a lot of moves to a pokemon, but there
are also some moves that your pokemon can’t learn!
-/warp nexus is a place where you can find player made shops. There are many things that can be bought there and players usually restock them. A slot
costs 200k, so make the most of it!
These aren’t all the warps though! There is much more to be explored in the world of /warp!
This server was created by Shmeeb. It started out small, but with people coming on more often and huge updates such as the map reset or the shard update where shard armours were invented with 9 shard types: Floaty Shard, Lucky Shard, Ore Rush Shard, Shard Boost Shard, Shiny Shard, XP Shard, Alchemist Shard, IV Shard and last but not least the HA Shard. There was also the invention of daily quests and /skills which was quite nice to see. Dynamax raids also became a thing and they spawn randomly and only 3 players can get the dynamax band, but the first one that already owns a dynamax band to defeat a boss gets a boss key. The other ones that beat a boss and already have the dynamax band get 2 random shards. Now, after all of the obove, PokeZone and PokeSaga have merged together and even if no one knows the future for certain, we will probably become a way better server.

Running a minecraft server is hard sometimes, but with the knowledge it can be easier than it seems. A way to make it easier is to have people to help run it, for instance admins mods and helpers, but in some minecraft servers there are also other ranks such as managers, head admins, head mods and a feature of pokezone is the chat helper. Although even with people helping you it still won’t be a piece of cake running a server! Another thing really helpful would be some rules and to make people feel nicer about the server, a beautiful spawn with anything they would need! But there are still more things that need to be done, such as trying to make people not argue for instance if someone is stealing their stuff and try to be a nice judge and a person. Don’t make people be afraid to talk to a higher rank! Make them feel like they are just talking to a person normally and polite. Now the only thing remaining is getting more people to join the server and apply the same rules to them as to anyone!