Jail Appeal

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New member
May 4, 2021
i was jailed on PokeGold through the server my IGN is ArranC2001 was punished wrongfully for dex trading by badbullet on 4/5/2021
i think my jail shoul be lifted as i had no intent to dex rae sold my darkrai for 500k to rs0uldestr0yer and after he lost a gym battle with it he messaged me sayig he didnt want it and liked darkrai so i was willing to buy it back for the same price, thats why i was so confused why i got jailed as i hadnt broke the rules in any way whatsoever in my opinion


PokéGold SeniorMod
Staff member
May 1, 2021
Hey Arran, Thanks for taking your time to appeal! As you know I am the staff member that issued the punishment. As there is no evidence supporting on the back trade I cant really do much except for denying this appeal. I feel that there is no remorse/regret of these actions. Next time when doing a trade make sure both parties are aware and willing to keep the traded pokemon/money/tokens. In the meantime please read /rules or message a staffmember that is currently on at that time. Hope to see you back on the server some time! - BadBullet