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Dont play on this server


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Every single review on here is because people get in game rewards for reviewing. Half of these players probably didn't even play for 12h. Sure, server looks fun at first when you join, allot to do and the instant free shiny's you can get without even playing. But then you will realise how bad the server economy is. If you didn't get a legendary in your shiny keys, or don't want to spend hours finding presents. You'll not be able to do anything. You can almost sell nothing thats worth grinding for, afk machines aren't allowed, spawners don't exist unless you put money in the game, and even the spawners don't make you any money. only way to make some money is by 1 selling the pokemon you get on your crates, or 2 ooh yes ofcourse buying a rank! Big pay to win server. And don't get me wrong i don't care, i bought a rank enjoyed my playtime because i was lucky with my crates. But then ofcourse a perm ban for something i never did. Ooh yeah just make an appeal right? After making an appeal i have been sent from mod to mod to mod to just continue to hear the same things. They don't listen to any reasoning or any logic. Don't even fully read your messages and leave you permbanned after they steal your money.

TLDR: dont play, pay to win server or just be extremely lucky. Mods will ban you for nothing and not listen to your appeal
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