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1.16.5 Server Update Changelog


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Hello everyone,

After months of updating and improving our setup, we are happy to announce that we are ready to update to 1.16. We would like to thank everyone for being patient while we worked hard to recode, revamp, and polish literally every single one of our features. With such significant changes there will likely be bugs, so please keep your eyes out and report any issues you find. We are still working on getting the entirety of our 1.12 feature base updated but it will take time. All in all I think you will enjoy the modernized experience, please share your feedback with us so we know what to prioritize next.

Update Changelog
• Revamped all of our custom menus to include icons from our resource pack. Pixelmon+ users will automatically have it enabled, and non-modpack users may run /resourcepack to download it. We highly recommend that all users use this resource pack or certain menu icons may look odd
• Implemented /trade <name> to safely conduct a trade - all trades must now be done through this menu. This replaces other trading mechanics such as /pgift, /tokens pay, /pay, etc
• Implemented Chat Emojis (resource pack required). Unlock a wide variety of Emojis in the /emojis menu, and use them by typing :LUL: etc. in chat. Emojis may be unlocked in the new Emoji Crate
• Revamped /guilds to a fully GUI version
• The Aura Crate now gives Aura Vouchers instead of a random Aura Pokemon
• The Shiny and Exotic Crates now include legendaries in the spinning animation
• Revamped the custom texture spawning system. Textures with non-default forms now spawn correctly
• Implemented /weathervote which allows a user to initiate a server-wide vote for the weather (costs $1k)
• Revamped /tradeup to a fully GUI version
• Dozens of other changes

Thank you everyone, I hope you will enjoy these changes!
- PokeSaga Staff
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