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  1. irgendetwas

    old+ cringe + ratio

    old+ cringe + ratio
  2. irgendetwas

    Nivea's Guide to Greatness

    Ratio bozo
  3. irgendetwas

    Nivea's Guide to Greatness

    1. It's about drive. 2. It's about power. 3. We stay hungry. 4. We devour. 5. Put in the Work. 6. And take what's ours. 7. Black and Samoan in my Veins 8. My culture banging with Strange 9. I change the game, so what's my mf Name
  4. irgendetwas

    NTG, a Canadian boi

  5. irgendetwas

    hi im niv

    hi im nivea. bye
  6. irgendetwas

    The introduction and elaboration of QSCHW, Lord of the Tea.

    What type of tea would you recommend?
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