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  1. alyyys


    hi im aly and im canadian
  2. alyyys


    hello! Im alyy! I am on dash :)
  3. alyyys

    PokeDash Weekly Events - Saturday, May 22nd

    Hi there! Today we will be having 2 Events! First, we will be having a Random 4 legged pokemon Battle Event at 2 pm EST hosted by the Battle Event Team. To participate in this event, all you have to do is come online before the event starts, then /warp battle to receive a team! Once you have a...
  4. alyyys

    PokeBlaze Weekly Event - Saturday, May 22nd

    Hi There! Today Pokeblaze will be having a BINGO event later today at 4 pm EST! Come on down to /warp bingo to play! BINGO is a fun event where you are shown to a hut where you will find multiple stacks of wool for you to place in the item frames that would be behind you in orientation if you...
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